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Sana E-Commerce

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sana Commerce is a fully integrated e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics that integrates front- and back-office systems to provide a unified business environment that is much more easily scalable, customizable, and extensible.

Benefits of integration

  1. Easy-to-Navigate Online Product Catalogues
  2. Always Real-Time Rich Product Info
  3. Complex Pricing Simplified
  4. Online Order Processing
  5. 24/7 Client Focus
  6. Personalized E-Commerce Marketing

Simplified Setup and Ongoing Maintenance

  • Direct integration out of the box leverages and enhances the investment you have already made in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.
  • An ERP upgrade policy means your web store adapts as you migrate to new versions of your back-office system.
  • Authorization / roles and rights help you manage your e-commerce solution according to your unique business needs.

Real-Time Data and PIM (Catalogue Management)

When your web store is integrated with your ERP system, all the product information, relationships, and categorization in your ERP are instantly available online. Likewise, changes made to the product catalogue stored in your back office are immediately visible in the web store.

Sales Tax and Shipping

For carrier-specific shipping fees, you can use our add-ons for integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS. With all these costs calculated accurately and updated in real-time, your customers will have an idea of what their order will cost, including fees, prior to checkout (which means fewer abandoned carts due to cost uncertainty).

Payment Processing

Sana Commerce offers secure, PCI DSS payment processing, payment method variety to best service client needs, and currency support for localization. Because Sana Commerce automates order processing and gives you visibility into your complete buying cycle online —from browse to purchase to return— returns are also completely hassle-free. Customers can request and track return merchandise directly from your Sana web store.


Sana offers Microsoft Azure hosting – one of the most secure and reliable hosting systems in the world. That means 99.9% guarantee on all their provided services.

So, when hosting with Sana, you do not have to worry about setting up or maintaining any hardware.


  • Proactive Data Defence
  • Closed Source
  • Failover
  • Data Redundancy
  • Additional Security Measures


With a Sana Commerce web store, you can scale reliably by optimizing to support high order volumes or optimizing web store performance for large product catalogues. This can be done by simply adjusting a few configurations in your ERP and web store. Sana scalability is virtually limitless, as our software provides the freedom to scale up or down according to your needs, so you can always count on optimal performance.

Support for Multisite (Brands, Geographies, Selling Models)

Additional frameworks can also be purchased – with associated costs. A client would buy additional framework for:

  • Failover/high-availability/scalability reasons
  • If they needed to host one site in the U.S. and one in the EU for data storage requirements