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Expense Management

Continia Expense Management

Continia Expense Management allows employees to add photos and submit receipts using their smartphone or tablet, making mileage and other expense claims easier for all.

Employee expenses made by either credit card or cash are automatically imported and matched with the corresponding bank transactions.

Continia Expense app

Have you heard about Continia’s Per Diem module to support employee reimbursements based on daily allowances?

  • From this app, users can submit expenses, mileages and per diem.
  • With Per Diem, it is possible to configure special rates for the first and the last day or sub rates shorter than one day. The Per Diem module is then added to the Expense and Mileage modules to complete the travel settlement concept.
  • Per Diem is available in all environments: Continia Expense App, Continia Expense Portal, Continia Approval Portal and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. This means that you can use the functionality no matter where you are located.
  • Reimbursement rates, posting accounts, and rules are all configured in Business Central which makes the solution easy to use.
  • This works for both On-premises and Online.

    This solution provides a clear overview and easy management of all types of incoming expenses without having to use any other systems besides Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    Submission of receipts on the go

    Business travellers no longer need to return to the office to bring in their travel reports with paper receipts. They can do everything related to this on the go with Continia Expense Management.

    Through the Expense Management app, travellers can do their expense reporting in just a few steps: they take a picture, fill out required fields, and send it directly to bookkeeping. Mileage registration is handled in the same way.

    All configuration of fields shown in the app is done from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and once the expense report has been sent in by the traveller, all digital receipts will be visible in NAV.

    Automatic credit card matching

    Continia Expense Management enables you to import employees’ credit card spending directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and automatically link the individual spending line with a registered receipt.

    Once matching of transactions and expense reporting is done, finance will have a full overview of transactions missing documentation from the employee.

    Access documentation directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Continia Expense Management will collect the traveller’s activities and send them to NAV daily. This will give you a complete overview of expenses for the company in real-time.

    These activities are recorded as entries and travel expenses are handled like everything else in NAV.

    Approval workflows for everyone

    Approving invoices can be done either directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or using a web browser, enabling everyone in the organization to access the approval workflow. Approvers can see the original invoice on the screen and either accept, reject, place it on hold, or forward it to another person for review or approval. Comments and attachments can easily be added as well.

    With Continia Web Approval Portal, all employees with no direct access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV gain the same opportunities to approve invoices and other documents. No matter where the employee is located, all that’s required for accessing and approving documents is internet access.

    Autozoom in Business Central

    When you attach your image of the expense receipt, your image is automatically scaled to the desirable add-in size, saving you time compared to manually adjusting when juggling multiple expense documents. Fortunately, you are still able to zoom in and out manually when closer inspection is needed.


    Autofill in the Expense App and Expense Portal

    This function speeds up the time used by using autofill for submissions involving the same merchant, which is available in both the Expenses App and Expenses Portal. You are now given expense-type suggestions as well as highlighted potential options in the app.

    VAT/sales tax input from Expense users

    You can now enter VAT/sales tax details in the Expenses App. Due to the new update, AI implemented in the Receipt Scanner now can locate multiple VAT/sales tax entries on the scanned receipt, which will then create allocations in the expense.


    Configurable messages

    You are now able to customise workflow and workflow warnings to allow specific documents with warnings to proceed for approval.


    Secure Archive

    It’s important to store digital bookkeeping documents securely and in compliance with local legislation. Secure Archive is built to manage this, preserving your document’s integrity and traceability. It includes an integrated logging feature that monitors the journey of each document, from receipt to the final bookkeeping entry. In Germany, it is certified and recognised as a trusted, audit-proof archiving solution.