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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, previously known as Navision, is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Businesses aspiring for greater heights should prioritize the consideration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV – 5 Main attributes


Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Stack.  If your users are already using Microsoft Office, then why not have a unified user-experience that will result in lower training costs and higher productivity across the board?  NAV Business Central provides the familiar Microsoft interface, helping to make it accessible, and enabling users to get the most out of it.


Whatever the specifics of your business, your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system will fit your needs, rather than you having to change for it.  Providing industry-specific vertical adaptations that yield a complete end-to-end solution, as well as an array of horizontal add-ons that will extend the possibilities of your business interactions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a truly adaptable product.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a lower entry cost than similar ERP solutions, and a cloud-based solution can be offered for a per-user, per-month fee, enabling you to go to the next level without having to break the bank.  With add-ons that will save on human resources, printing, postage and stock management, you will find Microsoft Dynamics NAV more than pays for itself.


With a range of advanced analytical options as standard, and potential reporting extensions limited only by your own imagination, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central enables you to take back control of your growing business.  Advanced forecasting options enable purchasing choices to be made that will drastically impact your stock-carrying, and can potentially pay for itself within a year, with massive ongoing savings.


Business agility is fundamental to success in today’s changing world, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV BC provides the cutting-edge solution that will set your business ahead of your competitors.  Don’t be left behind; get ahead with Dynamics NAV Business Central.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether Dynamics NAV is right for my business?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive, customisable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with the level of functionality needed to meet the requirements of organisations with complex processes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV  can be delivered on your own servers (on premise) or hosted ‘in the cloud’.

How much does Navision cost?

The question around cost is impossible to answer without knowing the specifications of your business. It can be fairly inexpensive, but it can also lead to higher options depending on your business needs. There is a software portion that includes the licenses to Microsoft and potential add-ons, and there is a consulting portion that includes tasks like training, configuration, data migration and development. There is also work your internal people have to put into the implementation. Contact us for an analysis and estimate of costs for your business to implement Dynamics NAV and what the return on investment (ROI) could be.

How long to implement Dynamics NAV ?

Implementation varies depending on the requirements and modules. On average, it takes between 3 and 12 months.