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Document Output

Continia Document Output

Document distribution made simple

Continia Document Output stands out as a cost-effective and user-friendly option for document distribution, offering easier installation and maintenance compared to many alternative solutions.

Right now, you may have many unposted invoices that need to be distributed differently. Who should receive printed invoices, and who should receive invoices as PDF files or electronic documents? The task of sending all invoices can be solved with ONE single click with Continia Document Output. Plus, this task does not just apply to invoices but all types of documents in general.

Features loved by customers 

  • Crafting a template is simple when utilizing an Outlook client. Users can effortlessly incorporate company logos, campaign banners, and personalized messages. Additionally, attaching essential files, such as campaigns or delivery terms, is an easy process.
  • The flexible recipient configuration enables you to precisely select the individuals who will receive specific documents and reports, adding a layer of precision to your distribution process.
  • Leverage all table data from Business Central when selecting merge fields. Standard templates are attached with text and merge fields for the most commonly used document types, which can be customised to your liking.
  • Users can use merge fields to automatically fill in information such as the sender’s name, customer’s name, and email.
  • All activities are logged giving you a clear overview of sent documents.
Added flexibility when assigning email recipients

Define a priority order for multiple email addresses in email templates to make recipient selection easier. You can also set fields to find the right email addresses related to certain documents.

Enhanced email signature functionality

Create email signatures tailored to campaigns, such as sales promotions. You can also set time restraints on these signatures so they can end when a promotion is over.

Output profiles optimisation

Leverage both customisable and pre-built output profiles on customer cards to efficiently handle emails and various other transmission forms. For instance, streamline the process by configuring the system to handle specific recipients, eliminating the need for SKIP profiles.

Improved FactBox with attachment names on template lines

Utilise the attachment list in the template cards FactBox for a comprehensive view of all attached documents to an email template line. Additionally, view the recipient setup priorities for a general template, and log entries in a template line.

If this is of interest to you and your business, get in contact with KE Consulting to find out how we could implement this into your operation.