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Advisory & Management Services

IT Consulting & Project Management

Digital Transformation projects have become a way of life for organisations. While these projects and programs can bring substantial benefits, if not properly managed they can have a real negative impact on business performance. 

Implementing or upgrading an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as Dynamics NAV is an investment that begins with strategic planning and extends into implementation and well beyond.

To realise business value, improve performance, and sustain regulatory compliance, companies are seeking to utilise the functionality of ERP software to the fullest to help achieve business goals.

To help optimise the return on their investment, organisations should seek and maintain an ERP environment that integrates and optimises business processes and technology. Gain process and control efficiency, cost reductions, and effective compliance management.

When designing and implementing an ERP system (Dynamics NAV), an organization should seek a balance across four dimensions:

Risk and controls

Process optimisation

Organisation and people


Our Advisory & Management Services

Project Management

KE Consulting provides services for project and programme management in organizations that have a lack of skilled project/programme resources. We can handle the management of a project or program and even a number of workstreams within the project. We can also assist the current managers with their projects, providing guidance and advice.

How KEC does it

Our IT Consulting Services offer a range of professional services that cover each aspect of a Digital Transformation implementation life cycle, from strategy development to sustainability.

Our services include:

  • Dynamics NAV strategy development.
  • Business process, control design and integration.
  • Dynamics NAV project risk assessment.
  • System setup / implementation.
  • Implementation, stabilisation, and performance.
  • User access and segregation of duties, rules, design and implementation.
  • Reporting and business intelligence.
  • Reporting strategy and assessment.
  • Data management strategy.
  • Security and identity management.
  • Control monitoring tool selection.
  • Advising IT solutions and services based on requirements (Change Management).
  • Managing and supervising the implementation process (Project Management).

KE Consulting CIO is intended to be flexible and used as either a long-term investment, per-project service, or as part of an existing pre-paid service.

With a selection of packages for different areas within your business, clients can choose from the range of definitions which best describe your situation and work with us to define the deliverables for your preferred engagement method.

Change Management

Businesses must adapt to change and are always facing changes from small restructures to major processes. Alongside IT deliverables or technology change, KE Consulting also provides governance and facilitation for clients who undergo business transformational change.

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Our consultants will guide and collaborate with individuals, teams, and key stakeholders within businesses to ensure objectives are aligned with the primary goals and focused on delivering the benefits.

KE Consulting service is made up of two components, a pre-initial assessment service to determine the scope of the change, and an ongoing consultation to ensure the change delivers the expected deliverables and benefits.

Why KE Consulting for business change management?

  • Proven track record of dealing with successful change.
  • Deep understanding of the impact of both great and bad change.
  • Positive and quality business transformation.

Assessment Services

Manage & Adapt

As your business changes and grows, IT services need to be kept up to date to remain fit for purpose, helping to drive your business towards its goals.

Your IT service provisions are an enabler and key factor for your business achieving this. Taking time to analyse and evaluate IT services guarantees healthy integrated business and IT operations.


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KE Consulting provides senior IT and stakeholders with expert insights into IT Operations and assists with the business’s future objectives and plans.

Targets are created to help align the services to meet the business needs and requirements through process improvement and definition of deliverables.

We provide workshops with key stakeholders to ensure that business needs are met with the service delivery teams and fully engaged in the recommended improvements outlined.

We establish the target maturity levels and identify the optimum maturity level to meet current demands, providing a roadmap of improvement in line with business change.

Business outcomes

  • Independent analysis of IT services.
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement.
  • Detailed plans to raise the maturity of IT services in line with business needs.
  • Improved alignment with business requirements and expectations.
  • Guidance on IT operation models and resources.


Dynamics NAV

MS Dynamics 365 is the comprehensive software suite facilitating brilliant fusion of ERP Cloud services and complementary solutions focused on specific business processes. Your Digital Transformation will be easily glued with Dynamics 365 incorporating indispensable apps for the high-end business.

Finance / Cash Flow / Fixed Assets
Sales & Receivables
Purchase & Payables
Warehouse / Inventory / Logistics
Field Service
Jobs / Projects
Human Resources
Reporting (Business Intelligence)

Dynamics 365 Cloud

Unify your business—from data to people to processes—using advanced and smart business applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud empowers you to flexibly respond to ever-changing requirements, all within the cloud.

Project Management
Consulting (Analysis / Design)
Help-Desk Support