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3 of the KEC team at Directions 4 partners EMEA 2023 Lyon

Directions 4 Partners EMEA 2023 Lyon

At the Directions EMEA 2023 conference, Microsoft announced some new and updated incentives and programs for Business Central partners, as well as features and enhancements for the upcoming Business Central 2023 release.

Miles, Javis, and David from KE Consulting were lucky enough to attend the event and provide us with the latest information on the upcoming features.

Incentives and Programs

The good news is there are tools for partners to manage their responsibilities more easily

There’s also the addition of a new Partner Acceleration Program that will provide partners with training, coaching, and resources to help them grow their Business Central practice and achieve their goals.

Features and enhancements

Improved integration with Power Platform, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents, will enable partners and customers to create and use custom apps, workflows, dashboards, and chatbots that leverage Business Central data and functionality.

Javis mentioned that the integration with Copilot was one of his favourite topics from the event-

The optimization of the AI-based Copilot, a virtual assistant that helps users with tasks, queries, and insights, will make it more responsive, accurate, and personalised. It can help users write engaging and informative product descriptions for their online shops. Copilot can analyse product images, suggest categories, and generate text that highlights the key attributes of the items. It can save users time and effort, and help them attract more customers with creative and compelling content.

There are also new supply chain functions, such as demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and warehouse management.


Thanks to David, Javis, and Miles for attending the event and sharing valuable insights into the latest Business Central features. Do any of these updates catch your interest? Share your thoughts on our LinkedIn page and stay in the loop with our latest updates.