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Microsoft CoPilot and AI

Copilot and AI

Copilot, your AI ally in business operations, has evolved with the latest Business Central updates. Copilot has the option to help with bank reconciliation and you can now integrate generative AI into your solutions.

Use Copilot to complete bank account reconciliation faster

Business Central has automated matching to help bookkeepers reconcile transactions, but it can still be a lengthy process. Copilot makes this easier through enhanced matching and clear automated reasoning to reduce manual effort, leaving it down to you to review and approve.


Combine your AL solutions with generative AI

Thanks to Azure Open-AI, a variety of AI-powered extensions are now accessible for use with Business Central. Integrating generative AI into your solutions is as simple as adding a few lines of code, providing your customers with increased customisation and additional add-ons.

Copilot can provide marketing text suggestions

Marketing suggestions can save you time when introducing new products to the market.

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