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User Experience Updates in Business Central 2023

Today we’re delving into User Experience enhancements, exploring topics like innovative data-searching methods and mobile barcode scanning.

  • Barcode Scanning on Mobile– Simplify data input with the Business Central mobile app’s barcode scanning feature. Utilize the camera or a dedicated barcode scanner on compatible devices.
  • Enhanced Browser Tabs– Easily distinguish between pages with the revamped browser tabs, now providing clear information for a more organized browsing experience.
  • Use actions to go to or fix errors inline Business Central now streamlines error resolution with inline actions. When a validation dialogue appears, easily navigate to the issue and resolve it promptly or let Business Central automatically fix it for you.
  • Show related record details from lookup– Easily find related record details with the new ‘Show details’ feature in lookup dialogues. Or if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow, exploring related records has never been more straightforward.
  • Data Search Across Business Central– Access data quickly and efficiently across Business Central using the Alt+Q keyboard shortcut to invoke the Tell Me feature. Search for and locate the information you need.
  • Mark fields as read-only when customising UI– Tailor your user interface by marking fields as read-only, enhancing data presentation for a polished and customer-friendly appearance.
  • Optimise your pages by adding existing table fields – Utilize the Add Field pane to select which fields are displayed, and streamline placement by dragging and dropping them to specific page sections.
  • Readable Deep Links for Sharing Share Business Central pages and records effortlessly by pasting readable deep links, which showcase relevant text while concealing the lengthy URL for a cleaner look.
  • Search for pages and data in the mobile app– Enhance your mobile experience with the Tell Me feature in Business Central’s mobile app, providing quick and easy access to pages and data.
  • Access worksheet pages from a mobile device– Enjoy the convenience of viewing and editing data on the go from your mobile device.
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