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Update 19.4 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC – 2021 Release Wave 2


This update replaces previously released updates. You should always install the latest update. After you install this hotfix, you might have to update your license to gain access to new objects that are included in this or a previous update. (This applies only to customer licenses.)
Updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics Released Updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Release Wave 2.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates that will be installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work together with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

Problems that are resolved in this update

The following problems are resolved in this update.

Platform hotfixes

ID Description
417582 “The page has one or more notifications” error message when clicking in the white space before the record line with a page in edit mode.
420998 Performance issue when opening a page with the RunModal function if the primary key of the source table has relation to another table.
421494 The TreeView information is incorrect on the page for version 19.0.
422377 Session locks up when running the GetDatabaseTableTriggerSetup trigger.
422683 Unable to undo changes by refreshing with F5 in the browser client when the cursor is in the new line.
424027 Improved the reliability of offline detection.

Application hotfixes

ID Description Functional Area
423055 The Excel Buffer exports blank cells when the strings are longer than 250 characters. Administration
421248 Issue with date when importing with the Configuration Package. Administration
422513 Unable to copy Comments from Intercompany Sales Invoices to Intercompany Purchase Invoices. Administration
421193 The Data Exchange field is automatically filled and the filled data can’t be deleted every time a Bank Statement is imported in a Bank Account Reconciliation. Cash Management
423805 “The field Statement No. of table Bank Acc. Reconciliation Line contains a value (1) that cannot be found in the related table (Bank acc. Reconciliation)” error message when importing or posting a file with more than 6000 lines in the payment reconciliation journal. Cash Management
418742 The details can be changed when applying for approval in the general journal. Finance
420199 The Setup Omit Default Description functionality in the G/L Account is not checking the description as expected in combination with Deferrals. Finance
421715 The Budgeted Cost Amount value is incorrect in the Sales Budget Overview Matrix. Finance
422336 Only one transaction is exported by the Intercompany Setup when using XML format and the auto-send option to export IC G/L Journal lines. Finance
422368 “An error occurred while trying to display the report.” error message when trying to run the XBRL Spec. 2 Instance Document report with the Create File option enabled. Finance
422900 Transfer Orders with Direct Transfer are not showing in the Intrastat Journal. Finance
423824 Blank characters in the Tariff No. are not deleted and the Tariff No. is incorrectly cut to 8 characters in the Intrastat – Disk report. Finance
421957 The Copy Lines from Previous Time Sheet action should not copy posted quantity to the new time sheet line. Finance
422679 G/L Balance by Dimension values are incorrectly filtered when using the View as Balance at Date option. Finance
422352 The Statement Ending Balance field is not filled in the payment reconciliation journal when importing a CAMT file. Finance
423626 Incorrect values showing in the Fixed Asset – Projected Value report. Fixed Assets
420429 The recalculation of the counting period date is not adjusted as expected after changing the Physical Inventory Counting Code on an item to a more frequent counting period. Inventory
422095 The Overhead Rate field on the Item table is reclassified from Premium to Essential. Inventory
423053 Unable to delete the default values for Item Attributes in the Item Category Card. Inventory
424306 “Untracked Planning Element already exists” error message in Planning. Inventory
422499 The Job Ledger Entry No. is not correctly associated to the Job Planning line in the Invoice table. Jobs
422840 Unable to change the capacity in the calendar entries. Manufacturing
423345 Insufficient planned quantities caused by the calculation of the Planning Worksheet when there is a saved Transfer Order. Manufacturing
415472 “You cannot cancel this posted purchase invoice because the dimension rule setup for account %1 G/L ACCOUNT prevents %2 from being cancelled.” error message when trying to correct or cancel a Posted Purchase Invoice. Purchase
419693 Unable to select records on a Purchase Order line if the Item Reference No. has multiple variants. Purchase
422109 The Work Description is not copied at the posted sales shipment level when dealing with a drop shipment. Sales
422581 The Location is not updated correctly in the Sales Document when a Ship-to Code is set by default in the Customer Card. Sales
423667 “No element of type ‘currency’ within the filter” error message when trying to use the Edit in Excel option in a Price List. Sales
423405 Dimension templates are not applied with API. Sales
423946 The Line Discount % setting is enabled for the Customer Price Group. Sales
424180 Export the Partner VAT ID from Ship-to information instead of Bill-to information in Intrastat. VAT/Sales Tax/Intrastat
420579 Warehouse Entries for a movement have empty Expiration Date even after setting the Require Expiration Date Entry = yes for the Item Tracking Code. Warehouse
422503 The Undo Purchase Receipt option is checking the Line No. while the Undo Shipment option is checking the Order Line No. Warehouse
422834 Untitled action in Posted Direct Transfer pages. Warehouse
424155 The Specific Tracking and the Lot Warehouse Tracking with Directed Put-away and Pick Location setting can’t find all available Pick Quantities when creating a Pick for a Warehouse Shipment with Lot No. while an open Warehouse Pick is existing for another Order. Warehouse