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Jet Basics Upgrade and Free Trial Promotion

Promotion until June 26, 2020

Right now, it’s more important than ever for finance, management, and operations teams to readily have access to the data they need to make decisions. Jet Basics has proven to be an excellent tool for simple ad hoc queries and financial statements. Still, it lacks the dynamic operational reporting capabilities needed to equip businesses with the information they require in economic turmoil.

Starting the week of May 11th and until June 26th, 2020, insightsoftware is providing two upgrade options for existing customers who are currently running Jet Basics with Dynamics NAV to advance their reporting abilities during this downturn and provide them the tools they need to weather the storm and prosper beyond:

  • All Jet Basics customers can take advantage of the current promotional offer of 20% off the Jet Reports upgrade and 50% off all Designer and Viewer users.


  • Any Jet Basics user can download a free 60-day trial of Jet Reports by updating Jet Basics to the latest version, then accessing and activating the trial from there.


As you are likely aware, layouts, formats, and functionality in Jet Basics are limited. Users can get frustrated when their reports aren’t as customizable as they need, or they don’t have access to the right data. We often find that Jet Basics users are also developing time-consuming workarounds that both hinder report performance and can cause errors in the results. Now, especially, is not the time for slow, limited reporting.

Jet Reports’ flexible and advanced financial and business reporting solution is the natural next step for Jet Basics users to leverage the knowledge they already have, retain any reports they have built, and gain the ability to:

  • Create custom layouts for any report, even from non-financial, operational data
  • Access all your Dynamics data, entities, and outside data sources in a single report
  • Eliminate workarounds or manual calculations that are error-prone and hinder performance
  • Cut reporting time and costs in half
  • Easily manage, schedule, automate, and share reports
  • Control report versions and seamlessly collaborate with other users
  • Get instant access to reports on the web or from a mobile device


The 60-day trial of Jet Reports available through the most current version of Jet Basics is a limited package. The test run functionality includes all the robust reporting utilities to pull data from multiple entities, remove limitations on formatting, and advanced data access and filtering. However, the trial does not include the Jet Scheduler or access to the Jet Hub for mobile, anywhere access and collaboration. Of course, all functions are included with the discounted upgrade offer and when a customer chooses to upgrade to Jet Reports after the trial.

If a customer chooses to download the 60-day free trial and does not purchase their upgrade to Jet Reports on or before June 26th, 2020, they will not have access to the limited discount promotion of 20% off the Jet Reports Foundation and 50% off all Designers and Viewers purchased with the upgrade order.